Friday, March 6, 2009

Older Partners

Why do you go for the older guy/gal?


  1. 18 female ucsb
    i go for older guys because they are more mature (for the most part). guys my age are still in their "wild" stage whereas older guys have settled down a little (typically).

  2. 18 female ucsb

    I'd have to agree with the first comment.
    I don't think anything is wrong with guys my age wanting to run wild and have sex with whoever offers it, but Id rather have a guy that is (somewhat ) over the phase of going crazy and instead i can both have an actual intelligent conversation with when we sit together, and still be able to do all the sexual acts.

  3. Older men make me feel more appreciated. I receive more validation from them, because younger men are a lot more selfish and think more about themselves. While there's the chance I could be wrong, I like to lean on faith that an older man will appreciate what he has more than a younger man will. Every woman wants to be appreciated, right?

    I heard on the radio the other morning a trivia question, and while I can't remember the precise wording, the statistical answer implied: a woman will be happier in a relationship when she chooses a man who is less good-looking than she is. While this isn't my point, and I have no intention of even implying older men are less attractive than us younger women ...something must be said about the level of desperation. An older man is beyond his years, his options aren't as plentiful, and failure in a relationship is more daunting. As a younger female, I will feel more confident in a relationship with an older man because I have less fear of them leaving me, less fear of infidelity, and less fear of being pushed aside. It is not fair to say that every older man will keep me as a trophy and be at my beck and call, and I must declare I would NOT want that. But, an older man will be less likely to walk away when things get tough, and more likely to appreciate my unique mind, body, and soul.

    If I could compare it to alcohol... a 20yr old boy couldn't tell you the difference between gin and whiskey, he just wants to get drunk. But an older man recognizes, appreciates, and savores an exquisite glass of merlot.

    I guess the truth swimming on the surface of my explanation, is about love. I truly believe every woman is searching for true, deep, soul-lifting love. This is not to say we expect it in every romantic endeavor; but I do believe there is a subconscious longing and search for love in our lives. Logically, and intuitively, we recognize love as a possibility MORE with an older man, than we do with our younger peers.


  4. 19 male ucsb

    I think that girls going for older guys is partly a social trend and I think most of the time it is associated with the misconception that older guys are more mature. Yes, it may be true that younger guys are immature and older guys are more mature in some cases, but the opposite could easily be true, and it is in many situations. I can't speak for all guys, but personally I wouldn't get any real satisfaction from just hooking up. I would much rather have a girlfriend that I am attracted to emotionally as well as physically. I think one key reason (at least here at ucsb) why girls go after older guys is because both guys and girls sometimes rush into things and don’t take the time to get to know their partners. I believe that if they did, their views might change. I personally think that 2 people who are close in age are the most likely to have a successful relationship. The truth is, even if you are 18, 19, 22, or even 25 years old, you are still young, so I don't think that older guys necessarily have more limited options, as was previously stated.