Thursday, February 5, 2009

After the hook-up?

What did you feel after your last hook-up?

Please identify yourself by gender, age and school


  1. Male, 19, UCSB.... It felt great while I was hooking up. But afterwards I felt as if there was a sort of guilt hanging with me.

  2. Female, 19, was good I guess but I felt guilty in the end because I wanted something with that person and I felt like I messed it up by hooking up too early and now I just feel like all guys are the same and only want one thing and I was dumb enough to give it to them.

  3. Female, 19, UCSB

    My last hook-up was actually with someone I have been seeing for over a year. We still aren't committed, so sex is always the same thing... it's great during the act, but afterward I always wonder why I'm putting myself in this situation, because it's not like having sex is going to lead to a relationship, especially after this long. I don't feel empty, I'm just kind of apathetic toward sex in general.

  4. It was sort of exciting in the moment, but afterwards I just felt grossed out and didn't want anything to do with him. Now I cringe when I think about it. It's not something I do often...the emotional aspect is pretty important to me, and it just wasn't there.
    -Female, 19, UCSB.

  5. male 19 ucsb

    after my last hook up I felt kinda guilty because I felt like I was leading the girl on. We never took the time to clearly establish intentions before and I think there might have been a degree of confusion of what it was. I think she beleived it was more than I did, granted I was interested but the speed we rushed into things sorta just make things strange and served to kill any possibility of a relationship and also weaken our freindship

  6. female ucsb age 18
    last hook up was...stupid. I was under the influence and not thinking about what i was doing. it was stupid that he was sober and took advantage of the situation because he definitely could not get in my pants otherwise.

  7. 19, female UCSB

    well Ive never had a hook up before, but i do have a boyfriend. and i dont think i would ever hook up with anymore, because sex is supposed to be an intimate thing that you do with someone you love, not just some to fuck with and thats it. I think most college students who do hook up think of it as having fun, and trying new things. I personally think hook ups are stupid, and pointless because yea it may feel good at the moment but what happens after.