Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Missing the High School Boy/Girl Friend?

Do you miss that old high school boy or girl friend? Some students say that in high school, they had a boy or girl friend and that coming to college, hooking-up is the main thing on offer. They miss the way it was.

How do you experience that transition?

Please identify yourself by age, gender and school


  1. I definitely feel that the guys ive met are not interested in the dating scene or even taking girls seriously like they were back home. I hate being treated like just a hookup and, since i got here, thats all ive been getting. i do miss having that special someone there for me all the time. guys dont get it: we dont always want a serious relationship, but we may want to be taken seriously (dont hook up with my friends, dont think im going to just fuck, dont treat me like a piece of ass, etc).
    female 18 ucsb

  2. Female, 20, UCSB
    Weirdly enough, I have been in a relationship for almost a year with a boy I dated in high school (but we never "officially" became boyfriend and girlfriend). It isn't true for all college men, but I have come to feel like most of them only want to hook up. In high school, you got to know each other better because usually you met someone at school or through mutual friends before hooking up. Plus, you would typically have to face that person again soon, whereas in college you may never see that person you hooked up with more than once.
    I can't dance at a party here without a complete stranger coming up behind me and groping me and I don't do anything that would seem inviting in that way-so I don't really dance at parties anymore. Just because we may be intoxicated and there's music on doesn't mean you get a free ticket to feeling me up. I'm not saying that college guys are terrible for being more promiscuous, but they shouldn't expect that the girls they want to hook up with are.

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