Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feminism and Your Love Life

Do you feel feminism affects your love life?

Identify yourself by gender, age, and school.


  1. to a degree it does. I just know that certain harsh feminist attitudes are out there, and I feel like those people are stereotyping and harshly judging me because I have uncommmited sexual encounters

    19 year old male at ucsb

  2. female age 18 ucsb student
    i feel feminism does affect preference of sexual activity. One might see promiscuous sex as having some sort of control over her body or perhaps not having emotional attachment to the man as acting more "masculine." In addition, another wave of feminism may stress not engaging in sexual activity to show a sense of not giving in to men's "urges."

  3. I feel like it does becuase I am not a full blown feminist but i do hold some tendencies like them and choose the people i want to be with somewhat based on their ideas of feminism. If a guy thinks all girls are inferior to men then that is someone i wouldnt want to date, but if a guy can respect women as equals or at least acknowledge their abilities then i respect that person more. So feminism does effect my dating life