Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Feeling of Oral Favors

What's the emotional difference, if any, between giving your partner oral-genital sex as opposed to having sexual intercourse? When would you do one as opposed to the other?

Please identify yourself by gender, age and school only.


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  2. Sex comes first, and then oral sex.

    As a female, I must first clarify I am speaking of RECEIVING oral sex. While being completely nude is one of life's biggest vulnerabilities, I find that it comes 2nd to oral sex. While sex (sexual intercourse) involves more emotional risk & intensity, also marking a pivotal point in a relationship (if there is one), it just doesn't scream "vulnerable!!" like having a man face-to-face with the most private part of my femininity.

    Putting oral sex in line after sexual intercourse is not to be mistaken for negating my opinion of sex's sacredness. Sex is still something that is sacred to me, and requires comfort, etc etc etc. BUT... there is something to be said of my comfort level hitting higher demand when it comes to oral sex.


  3. female 18 ucsb
    i find oral sex requires me to be more comfortable around my partner than sexual intercourse itself.In sex you dont have to worry about "doing it wrong" whereas oral sex requires a little more skill and in my case more feelings( esp. since theres that possibility he may cum). theres a "giving" and "receiving" involved in oral sex, after all. plus, your partner's face (or your own face) is all up on your private areas (or theirs).